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Explore Davos, Switzerland Unforgettable Memories at Hotel Waldhuus Davos

Unwind in the Heart of Nature and Enjoy Luxurious Alpine Accommodations.

An Unforgettable Experience.

Welcome to Hotel Waldhuus Davos a modern, luxurious boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Switzerland. This stunning property offers breathtaking views of the majestic Swiss Alps and pristine nature for an unforgettable experience. Guests will enjoy cozy amenities such as free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and room service. Plus, there is an array of outdoor activities nearby such as hiking and skiing that are sure to be enjoyed by all!

At this charming hotel, guests can also take part in traditional Swiss culture with classic fondue nights or explore local attractions like museums and churches. The friendly staff at Hotel Waldhuus Davos will ensure your stay is comfortable and memorable – they’ll even provide you with tailored recommendations on the best places to eat or visit during your stay! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled trip through Europe, you wont find better hospitality than here at Hotel Waldhuus Davos.

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An Alpine City of Adventure and Exploration, Where You Can Lose Yourself in the Beauty of Nature.

Davos is a unique destination for those seeking to experience the beauty of nature and modern luxury. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Davos is a stunning alpine paradise that combines natural beauty and modern amenities like few other places can. From ski trails to hiking paths, Davos offers visitors a chance to reconnect with nature while still enjoying all the comforts of home. With world-class restaurants and hotels, this charming village provides an ideal setting for relaxation and exploration.

The Location Situated at an elevation of 1,560 meters above sea level, Davos boasts incredible views of unspoiled landscapes surrounded by majestic mountains. Visitors are able to take advantage of its proximity to popular skiing destinations such as Arosa or St Moritz during winter months without sacrificing convenience; they can also explore nearby hiking routes in summertime along with many other outdoor activities available year round. The town itself has plenty on offerpubs, cafes and shops line its streets creating a vibrant atmosphere perfect for exploring after spending time outside amongst natures wonders.